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KRS – polish National Court Register


39 zł per KRS page

  • Regular translation
    12-48 hours

    What is the difference between regular and sworn translation?
    Sworn translation, also called certified or authenticated translation, is done only by a translator who is on the list of the Ministry of Justice of sworn translators. The translation is provided with a translator’s seal, signed on each page, and identified with its unique document roll number. The client receives it only in written form and, on request, in the form of a scan of the document. Regular translation does not have any of the above features and is provided only in electronic form, which may be freely edited.
    When is sworn translation needed and when regular translation is provided?
    Sworn translation is done when it needs to have the force of law and certify that it is true to the original document: as a rule, when it is submitted to government offices, banks, notaries, or lawyers, and when it is attached to public award documentation or when it is intended for a foreign contracting party. Regular translation is usually provided for own use of the client.

  • Electronic by mail only
  • Layout mirrors the original


49 zł per KRS page

  • Certified translation
    24-48 hours
  • Scanned translation by email
  • Layout mirrors the original
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56 zł per KRS page

  • Certified translation
    6-24 hours
  • Scanned translation by email
    3-12 hours
  • Layout mirrors the original
  • FREE courier

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